The wide world of food service

In the wide Horeca’s world,  efficiency and quality needs are the order of the day for all operators who would like to grant their customers a successful culinary activity.

Every context is unique, and, nowadays, three macro-realities can be distinguished :

  • the large foodservce;
  • the medium foodservice;
  • the small catering.

The flexibility of a supplier of professional equipment for catering, able to propose technical solutions of high practicality and safety, is the winning card for the success of every reality.

The large food service

This macro-reality includes all those activities recognized as collective catering, able to manage important volumes and that can be found in cooking centers and canteens dedicated to companies canteens, school, socio-sanitary refreshments (in hospitals, clinics, nursing and rest homes) and community refreshments (inside religious institutions, prisons and barracks).

The cooking center is the place where food products are checked, recorded and stored, which will then be prepared for distribution through the canteens and self-service where their preparation will be finished.

The organization of the spaces must be extremely rational and the identification of the areas used for the various operations is functional, therefore, to the installation of the correct equipment necessary to reply to the operational needs of each phase. The workflow must necessarily be intelligent and the preparation must be optimized to the maximum in time.

In canteens, the prepared food is consumed there, in spaces adjacent to the kitchen, so the horizontal cooking line is a priority. The gas or electric cooker, depending on the type of power more convenient for the specific case, will have to respond with adequate power and must have the correct capacity to accommodate large boiling pans.

Thanks to its large catalogue, OLIS represents the complete professional equipment supplier to reply with punctuality, flexibility and high performance to the needs of these macro-catering worlds.

Large-capacity boiling pans, multifunction bratt pans and tilting braziers, deep fryers are just some of the equipment that can meet the needs of this industry branch.

Examples of these kinds of installations can be seen in the references of Royal Air Maroc, Ethiopian Airlines and in the Carabelli Canteen where, among the various machines offered by OLIS, ovens have also been chosen to complete the entire horizontal kitchen.

The medium catering

Kitchens of large and medium-sized hotels, kitchens in supermarkets, medium-sized businesses dedicated to catering service, are the identities that belong to this macro-ensemble.

Here, meals are served to a large audience and it is important to invest in larger equipment than traditional restaurants.

Simple and intuitive equipments are essential to support these realities, where the change of the operators working on it is frequent, while the quality and the result of the product that will be offered must necessarily comply with the standards decided before.

Also in this world, the optimization of the spaces and of the preparation and cooking times are two other essential characteristics in the design of the spaces dedicated to these environments.

OLIS, with its experience in this sector for more than 50 years, is committed to develop constantly new safe and preforming products, so as to be able to offer to the operators of medium catering, the constancy of the result of its gastronomic products.

Technological innovation is the basis of the daily thinking of the work of this made in Italy company.

Evo, for example, the OLIS high performing deep fryer, represents a real opportunity to ensure easy, fast and waste-free frying but above all with a perfect result thanks to the use of recipes pre-selected, or user-adjustable, that will then be chosen by different collaborators but that will remain constant in the result.

Fitpan, a small cooking center aimed at optimizing spaces and cooking times, is another example of what Olis can offer to these kinds of restaurants: a smart machine that provides the kitchen 7 + 1 cooking modes to expand its potential with a guaranteed result.

There are several examples of medium catering that have chosen OLIS as official partner in the development of their horizontal cooking line and not only. Hipotels Said Mallorca, Superstore catering facility, Corona Dolomites Hotel are just some of the references, visible in the dedicated area of the official website of Olis, that allow you to see personally the result of study, design and installation of these realities.

Small catering

More and more activities can be identified in this area.

Starting from traditional restaurants, then passing to taverns and trattorias, nowadays, there are many trends that have contributed to the increasingly peculiar refinement of different types of restaurants.

The new habits and/or food needs have contributed to changes, improvements and expansion of the culinary offer, developing new trends in the menus and consequently in the kitchens.

During last years, in fact, many restaurants have reinvented themselves adopting new solutions, able of understanding the needs of vegetable diets, new concepts and alternative foods with which to expand the menu or even transform it.

Sensory restaurants are born, where the aim is to involve their diners completely in the culinary experience, such as dining rooms in the dark or restaurants where music is the thread of Arianna in the proposal of the dishes in the various tasting menus.

The chef table or the realities where the kitchen is visible to the guests, personify the increasing attitude of guests to the attention and refinement of the values of the dishes they want to taste and enjoy.

Vegan, vegetarian and km 0 restaurants are restaurants that follow the trend of consumers, who are increasingly aware, attentive and oriented to a green and sustainable gastronomic research.
In addition, “compact” kitchen solutions developed in various ways in container restaurants are very careful, eco-friendly modern and youthful that offer a whole new concept that sometimes also materializes in street food trucks more and more specialized and present in Europe.

Finally, the specialization of restaurants for families or newborn Mocktail, where the restaurant is involved in the menu by simply offering soft drinks that have the same suggestion of original cocktails.

Even in small restaurants, OLIS realizes its research and propensity to technological innovation in adaptable, advanced and performing equipment for this wide world in continuous motion.

From the haute cuisine of starred kitchens, which evolve the tradition in sensory gourmet experiences aimed at uniqueness, as in the case of ADA GOURMET or RETROSCENA to more traditional taverns such as L’Osteria dell’Archivolto or Al Petes or to the compact solutions of simple and fast food such as Pescaria, DIAMANTE has been able to respond with a wide range of professional equipments dedicated to every request of chefs and consumers.

Olis, we innovate cooking