Powerful and perfectly brilliant dishwashers.

Olis dishwashers stake on reliability and efficiency, important aids in any professional kitchen where the tools and other items used require maximum cleanliness and shine, from dishes to plates, glasses, trays and racks.

Many types:
washers for glasses, plates and other items, all to be adapted to your kitchen

Built-in and other types

Hood model

Mechanical or electronic control

Choose the one that suits you


The perfect ally in cleaning kitchen utensils

Excellente line of glass and plate washing systems and hood dishwasher.

Versatile thanks to 6 customisable washing cycles and the rinse circuit with pump for an excellent result.

Smart thanks to the electronic controls, to the soft touch panel with multicolour pushbutton and luminous LCD display which allows all parameters set to be displayed such as active functions, cycles and temperature.

Fast and flexible in the voltage change and 2-level auto-diagnosis.

Touch Wash

Perfect wash at a single touch

Solid and reliable, the double-wall glass and plate washing systems in the DS Olis series are designed as a rapid solution to the needs of bars, restaurants, hotels and pubs.

Restyled design and strong lines combined with innovation and practicality of the touch panel in the new electronic version.

Easy Wash

Easy handling and ready to use in any space

Easy Wash line of glass and plate washing systems and hood dishwasher.

Attractive design in the front-loading undercounter dishwashers

New electromechanical control panel,

Maximum load, maximum performance with no effort

High Tech Wash

High technology for a perfect wash
All utensils, receptacles and tools clean and within easy reach. The utensil washer in the OLLP range is suitable for large kitchens, rotisseries, pizza restaurants, butchers and pastry and ice cream makers.

6 models (5 electric and 1 steam)

Capacious even in the smallest space Effective even against the trickiest dirt Easy to use and clean at the end of service.