The new grills

Performance and quality with more flavour


Heating guaranteed by sheathed tubular heating elements positioned directly under the grill. Performance and reactivity for every dish.


Gas burners of the highest quality and performance covered by flame-retardant heat diffusers placed under the cooking grills.


When high power is needed but without renouncing the true flavour of a barbecue, a version is available with lava rocks placed directly over the burners


You can transform a grill with a diffuser into a lava rock grill whenever you want with a single device thanks to the accessories kit. Any chef can thus configure their own grill and adapt it to the menu.

Super Grills

hygiene and power concentrated in a single appliance

Lots of solutions

The grills can be configured to suit the many situations that occur in the kitchen.

Grazie al corretto posizionamento degli elementi riscaldanti, la temperatura della griglia riuslta uniforme su tutta la superfice di cottura, garantendo risultatti perfetti su ogni posizione della piastra.

Electric version

Heating guaranteed by rotatable armoured heating elements for easy cleaning, positioned directly under the grill. Performance and reactivity for every barbecue.

Heating element deflector

The removable deflector, positioned under the heating element, not only makes cleaning easier, but also reflects the heat and increases direct heat in the cooking area, thus optimising energy distribution.

More user friendly

Suitable for all uses

The conformation of the grill concentrates the heat in the cooking area, preventing heat dispersion and loss of efficiency, thus improving staff comfort.

GAS tap modular

Power is regulated by a tap with a modulating, continuously variable flow rate to adapt the heat of the grill to the type of cooking.

Complete range and comprehensive modularity

Diamante 90 / Diamante 70

The new range of grills includes modular gas and electric elements: 40, 80, 120 cm
The flexibility of the accessories and optional add-ons allows customisation of the grills
to suit every menu, guaranteeing a flexible kitchen for every chef.

Cast iron cooking grill for meat and fish for non-EU markets

Stainless steel cooking grill for meat

Grill with stainless steel rods for fish.