Good refrigeration is essential for catering professionals.

Keep your work cool

A project designed to provide catering professionals with simple, high-performance solutions.

Practical solutions

Mono bloc refrigeration group with evaporator located outside the cell and totally independent of the cabinet body. Fast and easy access for optimal intervention.

Keeping an eye on consumption. Hot gas evaporator defrosting

Thanks to the hot gas defrosting technology, faster defrosting cycles are obtained which do not require additional energy in addition to that already used for normal operation of the refrigeration system.

Water evaporation cycle

Always attention oriented towards consumption and optimization of performance. Defrosting is automatic, with hot gas evaporation of the defrost water. lower energy consumption make this system an ideal solution for optimizing resources.

Sturdiness and thickness for greater energy savings

85-mm insulation thickness to guarantee excellent thermal properties, made of high-density polyurethane foam (42kg/m3).

Cold distribution

Optimisation of air flow circulation inside the cell thanks to the rear conveyor. Excellent air distribution under any cell load condition. A helping hand to improve food storage and optimise consumption, guaranteeing excellent air circulation inside the cell

Details for easy cleaning

The bottom of the cell with drain outlet is part of the standard supply for all the versions available. Guaranteed quick and easy cleaning

Lots of little details

together make the difference

  • Easily reversible door on-site.
  • 180° door opening for easy loading of grills and trays.
  • Self closing to help reduce energy consumption and avoid accidental opening.
  • Magnetic gaskets to ensure a 100% hermetic seal.
  • The full-length handle, integrated in the door, provides a secure and easy grip in all types of installations.
  • The special seamless shape makes it easy to clean.
  • The cabinet structure features foam-filled side panels even in the motor compartment. A solution which makes the cabinet sturdier and improves soundproofing of the motor compartment.

Refrigeration by Olis

An essential range for the daily challenges of every chef.

Quality of materials first and foremost.

Cell, door, front control panel and external side panels made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel.

Air flow control.

The air conveyor positioned at the rear of the cell guarantees an even distribution of cold under any load condition of the cell.

Reduced consumption.

The hot gas defrosting system optimises consumptions and reduces machine downtime.

Easy to clean.

Cell bottom with rounded corners, pressed grill guides, drain outlet. A whole host of details to make cleaning even easier and thus improve the quality of food preservation.

External evaporator.

The amount of space in the cell is increased by placing the evaporator on the outside.

Door gasket.

Pull-out magnetic gasket that is easy to remove and clean. The special shape improves the quality of the door closing system and increases performance.