95 tested recipes available at all times

The O-link Automatic Cooking option allows you to easily select one of 95 available recipes, thus delegating to the oven the task of setting the right cooking mode, temperature, moisture and fan speed, which are then constantly monitored to ensure best results at all times. Preset recipes can be copied, modified to suit your needs and reproduced with utmost simplicity.


Perfectly organised service

The Multicooking function allows different types of food to be cooked at the same time, for different lengths of time. This is an advantage allowing important time and power savings during service compared to the use of traditional equipment: grills and fryers that offer consistent quality over time. Moreover, the O-link Multicooking system suggests which recipes can be prepared together.


Your recipes with a click

A personal space where you can upload your recipes, based on your own experience, and be able to access them whenever you want with a simple click. Simply select the desired recipe and O-link will execute it with consistently excellent results


The ideal Climate for every product.

The new CLIMA SMART system, which regulates moisture in the cooking chamber according to the type of food and desired result, guarantees the softness, juiciness and crispiness of every product with minimum weight loss.


Fast and consistently excellent service

Deferring preparation to optimise production can be advantageous if meals are served at the perfect temperature with the right level of moisture. Thanks to the O-link reheating program, excellent service is always guaranteed.


New flavour for your dishes

With the new AT-Smoker application (optional), easy to install and even retrofit, you can cold-smoke meat, fish and cheeses, or even use it during cooking to give your dishes a truly unique flavour.


Washing System

The automatic washing system offers a choice of 7 washing programs ranging from Manual to Grill, ideal after hightemperature cooking to remove tough residue. The Eco washing program on the other hand optimises water and detergent consumption.

COMBICLEAN detergent guarantees absolute hygiene. It comes in practical, 100% recyclable canisters without the need for any dangerous handling or decanting of the product.