‘A new nest built on the branch of an ancient tree’, innovation and tradition.

Olis brings you between the enchantment of the mountains and the fresh air of a small village on the Brenta plateau, inside the magnificent Adamello-Brenta natural park, Andalo.

In the centre of the village stands the alpine home of the Pancher family, the prestigious Corona Dolomites Hotel, which has welcomed its guests in an intimate, elegant, and discreet atmosphere in the Dolomites of Trentino since 1986.

Corona Dolomites Hotel

Built in the 1960s and managed by a family from Mantua until well into the 1980s, for the Pancher family the building represents ‘a new nest built on the branch of an ancient tree’, and from the moment they take charge of it, gradually they begin to renew it year after year.

Just like a nest that welcomes, looks after, and envelops, the intention is to recreate a comfortable environment with an intimate and refined atmosphere that conveys the feeling of maximum comfort to its guests. A generous place of peace, harmony, light, and design.

In this vision of renewal and hospitality, the symbiosis of the dining room with the kitchen is of vital importance.

In the completely modernised kitchen, the attention to detail and the search for reliability guaranteed by an Italian manufacturer of excellent equipment and machinery was the guiding light in the development of the project.

Olis has been the answer, and, thanks to the support of its partner Novacold, who followed the project with the consequent installation, offering its assistance with a guarantee of high professionalism and a constant presence, supplied a complete hob with great flexibility for various types of preparations.

The new installed Olis Diamante

Chef Mattia dalla Valle, who has been part of the Corona Dolomites Hotel team since 2006 and has now become a member of the Pancher family, had no doubts when designing his nest in the kitchen and choosing the equipment, choosing Olis latest-generation equipment.

Mattia Dalla Valle

A cuisine made of high-quality ingredients and raw materials, where the Alpine tradition embraces the Mediterranean one with creativity, and where zero kilometre is king thanks to the vegetable garden personally cultivated by the chef in a green area adjacent to the building.

For this food experience in the Horeca world that brings innovation to tradition, the choice was undoubtedly the innovation of Touch machines, including the multifunctional bratt pan Fit Pan, which optimizes the space and working times, added value in the kitchen of today.

The Olis multifunction cooking centre allows you to choose 7 modes of use in a single piece of equipment, an authentic support for chef Mattia when the other machines are busy and in case of many orders.

Fit Pan

A quick and handy solution to create in a small space while optimising consumption.

The Diamante kitchen, a jewel of innovation and design by Olis, has therefore found a home at the Corona Dolomites Hotel, and thanks to the creative ability and many years of experience of chef Mattia, the guests will be pampered by delicious dishes skilfully prepared using its innovative and high-performance equipment.

Olis, we innovate cooking.

Al Lavoro con la cucina Olis, we innovate cooking