Olis has always been a traditional manufacturer, making products for cooking and refrigeration, preparation and kitchen organisation. 

The brand stands out for its dual “core”, traditionally linked to craftsmanship, in particular stainless steel laser, and over the years it has developed with an innovative approach focused on technology and design.

Sturdy and reliable products and expertise are the key features of the company Olis, which, today, allow it to continue to design and develop innovations for the great world of professional catering.



On 27/03/2019, Olis achieved an important goal as it was issued with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification by the Italian Certification Body IMQ.

The company and entire staff’s ongoing commitment to achieving and maintaining high quality standards has enabled us to reach this objective as part of a continual improvement vision designed to benefit our customers and staff.


The reliability of each individual component and each equipment Olis is tested and certified according to European norms.

Gas appliances are in conformity with Directive 90/396 EEC , while electrical comply with the EC Directive 2006-95 .

Each machine is subjected to stringent testing of the end line to ensure the functionality and security.

+110 well-established brands, united in a single group, form one of the major businesses in the production and distribution of professional catering equipment, dedicated to supplying our clients with ideas, designs, products and assistance. The Ali Group designs, manufactures, distributes and services a full range of professional catering equipment.
Today, Ali has +14.500 employees in 29 countries, and is one of the world’s largest concerns in the industry in terms of turnover.

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