A new concept of work in the kitchen

Frying becomes quick, easy and waste-free. The EvOlis fryer technology means you can fry your food to perfection by using the recipes (pre-set or input by the user).

Optional adjustment of the basic settings and real-time tank temperature display. Possibility of setting the melting phase, which not only allows the oil temperature to be maintained, but also allows the fats to be gently melted so that they do not deteriorate quickly. This prolongs the frying fat life with added benefits for your business.

Operating menu display with
cooking time indications for
the selected recipe and tank
temperature indication

Optional automatic selection from pre-set, tried and tested recipes which can be stored by the user. Easy recipe search using real, clear images.
Machine settings menu in which to define the base frying settings. With the Oil Care program, it is possible to check the state of the oil based on the actual usage time.

Perfect frying every time

With the automatic filter function , the EvOlis fryer can use filtered oil with perfect
organoleptic characteristics, thus ensuing a golden-brown, crisp frying result.
Savings and safety with the convenient filter function without having to cool the oil first means it is possible to restore the oil to optimal cooking conditions even during service and be ready to restart frying in just 5 minutes.
Regularly filtered and clean oil is the key to prolonging its use, thus reducing consumption
while maintaining top-quality frying.

Loading/draining process

Less effort, greater cleanliness, easier work

The oil loading/draining process is easier now compared to the previous equipment. The operator can now work in complete safety without having to handle heavy loads, thus ensuring compliance with regulations and physical safety. The relevant connection pipe allows the mechanical pump of the EvOlis fryer to drain the used oil directly into an external container and then, load new oil from an external source using the same pump operating in reverse.

Guided tank cleaning

Safer and easier cleaning

Time for cleaning at the end of the day. EvOlis includes a special program that provides the user with a step-by-step cleaning guide. The temperature is set so that the water in the tank is heated to a temperature that will remove the residual grease. Once the cleaning cycle has finished, the residue can be drained into an external container via the discharge pipe supplied.