Saves space, increases taste

A traditional kitchen in 40/80 cm of space.

Compact and multifunctional, Fit-Pan is a true “cooking centre” that will change the way you cook and come to your aid when other equipment is in use and in the event of a high number of orders.

  • A touchscreen control panel allows you to set up cooking easily and store a series of personalised recipes, in addition to those already stored in the memory. With the help of the penetration probe and the sound warning at the end of cooking, your dishes will always be perfect.


  • Fit-Pan is equipped with two USB outputs, located under the dashboard (compartment area), for storing recipes and updating the software.


  • A large number of recipes can be used and created thanks to its internal memory, exported using a USB ash drive and shared/imported onto other Fit-Pans. This enables you to use the same recipe on several workstations, so that your dishes are always the same in every place.

Increases hygiene and the speed of cleaning in your kitchen.

With its multiple functions, Fit-Pan allows you to reduce the number of pots and pans and containers, making the working area more organised and easy to clean.

One piece of equipment for cooking in 7 dierent ways

The range


The perfect balance between power and space, the CLASSIC model successfully turns all your recipes into a great dish. Thanks to its 10 kW of power in 40 cm of space, this Fit-Pan model is the best choice for enhancing the quality of your cooking.


The PRODUCTION model was designed for high volumes and for teams who aren’t afraid of hard work. Thanks to its 36-litre pan and the 20 kW cast aluminium resistors, the eort involved in producing 16 kg of risotto becomes child’s play.


Have you always wanted to install a multifunction Fit-Pan in your kitchen, but space has always been an obstacle to overcome? Designed for small spaces, the SLIM version encapsulates the full power of the 90 cm version in just 40 cm of space. As of today you are free to cut loose in the kitchen and to use the 7 functions in one TOUCH.