The new FRY-TOP era

An alternative plate cooking method.

A new look for the latest fry-tops in the DIAMANTE 90T -90 -70 ranges The cooking plate is separate and ensures optimal heat concentration in the cooking area to avoid heat dispersion while optimising consumption.
The entire plate surface can be used to further optimise consumptions and cooking times. The outer channel collects all cooking fat and avoids residue build-up on the plate. Cleaning has never been easier! With the new Fry-tops, an optional water dispenser allows the outer channel to be filled with water and simplify cleaning. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt.

  • Non-welded plate
  • Floodable channel for easy cleaning
  • Thermal break
  • Uniform cooking temperature

Super Fry Top

igiene e potenza concentrate in un unica attrezzatura

Comfort and energy performance

Uniform cooking temperature over the entire plate.

The positioning of the heating elements means the plate temperature is uniform over the entire cooking surface, thus ensuring perfect results anywhere on the plate.

More user friendly

Suitable for all uses

The conformation of the plate concentrates the heat in the cooking area, preventing heat dispersion and loss of efficiency, thus improving the comfort of the kitchen staff.

Modular tap

In the version with the tap, power is regulated by a tap with a modulating continuously variable flow rate to adapt the heat of the plate to the type of cooking

Thermostat version

Nelle versioni termostatate è possibile regolare la temperatura della piastra da 90 a 280 °C, per ottimizzare i consumi e adattarsi alle cotture più delicate.