Archivolto Osteria Nostrale Restaurant

The main room

Since its opening last 1999, the Archivolto Inn offers only the best to its guests.  

The rustic name of this restaurant has become synonym of quality and reliability in the complete area of Ovada. 

It works hardly to assure its guest a wide range of products, seasonal and sometime in limited edition.  

SURFACE, the unique worktop

In a professional kitchen, the winning choice is represented by  Surface, the unique worktop; design, practicality and  quality are just a couple of features which make Olis the perfect partner in the kitchen, able to understand at best chefs’ needs.   

By this tavern, the choice has been made also considering the possibility of customize the varnish of the doors with a wonderful deep warm red.  

The choice of the equipments moreover has been made following the innovative world of the TOUCH SYSTEM. 

A wonderful example of what Olis, thanks to its own made in Italy production, can realize.   

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