ADA, synonymous of concreteness

Captain Ada Stifani has never been afraid of new challenges.

She starts her university career in pharmaceutical chemistry and technology in Perugia, and, so as lots of young students, to pay the university life costs, she begun in working as dishwasher in a small restaurant in the city.

It’s a fully booked Saturday evening, when the person dedicated to the appetizers doesn’t come to work, so the restaurant owner asks Ada to substitute her. Always curioius and observant, the young Salento’s girl starts hardly working on the new assignement.

This represents the starting point for an important career of this dynamic young woman, who, studing on great chefs’technical books and enlarging her connections with culinary field professional people, did various experiences in several restaurants around Umbria till the achievement of a new challenge with her future husband, opening the new restaurant  “L’Officina”(2006).

Over the years, she proposes a cuisine with a strong territorial imprint and with serveral international recalls. Together with her husband, Joannis Karagousis, who has great wines knowledge, leads L’Officina to have a relevant identity throughout the region.

Ambition has always distinguished the determinated soul of Ada, and even if the family restaurant reserves daily great satisfactions to Ada and Joannis, she feels that she has to realize a further jump, avoiding in stopping at the reached comfort area.    

In the historic center of Perugia the old beloved pub frequented by the student Ada is for sale.

The location is perfect, and in 2019 the restoration starts. Two local architects were entrusted of the project, and they proposed a modern style harmoniously combiend with the building old histrory features, mantaining the guide lines of essential design and details care, leading to a restaurant with a femminile soul reflecting Ada’s name.

ADA GOURMET, Ada’s personal fine dining project, is born.

A special location, out of time and without any noise, where light, space and materials are strongly functional to the culinary proposals. The presented dishes reflect the tradition and are developped with innovative and modern techniques to enhance even more the organopleptic characteristics, typical of refined and quality raw materials.

The philosophy contained in every dish has to respect concreteness and balance; Ada in fact deviates from the “extreme dishes that can lead,” she says, “to perceptions incomprehensible to her guests“. She prefers to involve all the senses in a balanced way, starting from the dish presentation that must strike the visual sense, passing to the scent released by the dish that must awake and stimulate the sense of smell until getting the the taste, whose task is to enhance the palate.

Behind this marvellous and award-winning project, there’s an OLIS kitchen which daily replies to the needs of the young, stubborn and demanding brigade led by Ada. The group of professionals silently moves in the bright open view kitchen Diamante, projected and developed by the deep experience of the multi-year partner dealer Eurotecnica, who cooperated with the trusted consultants and design office of Olis headquarter.

The kitchen space isn’t so wide but all the essential elements to respond with high performance to starred chefs are present. Maximum power, functionality and aesthetics mark the equipment of the Diamond 90 where the frytop by Olis is the favorite equipment of Ada; “in a short time“, she says “thanks to the excellent performance, it can bring out the flavors of the raw materials proposed with simplicity and naturalness“.

The aimed recognition of ONE MICHELIN STAR arrived; this represents a grest satisfaction for ADA.

Her path, anyhow, doesn’t finish here, now the priority is to maintain high the recognition and if ADA closes her eyes for a while… she sees her future dedicared to the management of its charming starred restaurant in the historic center of the picturesque Perugia, where every culinary experience recreates a unique involvement.

Olis, we innovate cooking