Bottega Portici

A new way to enjoy tradition

Bottega Portici represents the new format of Italian casual design of high quality, born in the middle of Bologna, which proposes the top excellences of the fresh hand made pasta  in a contemporary, practical and eco-friendly way. 

Tradition and innovation meet themselves in a  location touchable by everyone.

 There’s a deep respect toward the raw-materials. 

Love for the territorial gastronomic culture.  Italian proud. From this thought, the Bottega Portici is born, a location that wants to represent the excellence and the identity of the Italian gastronomic culture through an innovative idea of a practical, genuine and tasty food. 

Starred genetic

The first Bottega Portici Indipendenza is born in 2013, beside the restaurant I Portici, Star of Michelin Italia Guide since 2012.

It is always possible to buy handmade fresh pasta, daily prepared.  

During spring 2017 there has been a new big opening of the casual Food service beside the handmade fresh pasta selling: Bottega Portici 2 Torri, in the central Palazzo Bega, in front of the historical  Porta Pavegnana place and with the view to the Due Torri.

Per conoscere meglio la scelta professionale di Simone Breda e maggiori dettagli sul progetto

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