Ristorante Centro Cavour

Innovation immersed in the tradition

Cavour Place 2, Milan. We are in the real center of the Madonnina’s city, just beside the park  Indro Montanelli, one of the most wonderful green areas of Milan, just few meters away from the most famous fashion area. 

Address of the historical Information and Journals Palace  Palazzo, a severe monumental palace designed  Giovanni Muzio and adorned Mario Sironi during the first 40’s, and which hosts the Cavour restaurant since 2014.

The Kitchen

Once entered the door of the restaurant you will transported in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere featured by refined interiors with a decò flavour that embrace the Palace’s style, without  modifying it and made unique by the typical South Italy touch.

An environment distinguished by four big glass walls which illuminate the internal space and by a comfortable private room which can welcome till twelve people.   

A Restaurant with a Mediteranean cuisine carry a menù which is an explosion of colors and parfumes.

A real trip to discover authentic and genuine flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine and of the local exellence and peculiarity. 

A trip that starts from the central town of Campagna, the pizza prepared and cooked  as the Neaples tradition requires, which passes form the classical receipes to the typical traditional cuisine of Milan, proposing some of the most representative courses.   

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