Innovat8on Wij Al Amar Restaurant

Hotel, as cultural meeting place

Innovat8ion is the newest brand which has opened a hotel with restaurant in Bethlehem with the idea of creating a new place to facilitate the opening of minds and the dialogue among cultures.   

Ihab Renawi, one of the owners of Innovat8ion,  explains that the hotel has been built with many conference and entertainment rooms with the aim of creating a meeting point in a area where no hotel offers this kind of service. 

Wij Al-Amar

Wij Al-Amar is the unique open-plan kitchen in the area of Bethlehem. 

Placed in the center, the kitchen creates an island which divides the living room into two spaces which permit to organize banquets, private parties, meetings and special event dinners.

Easy flavours and high quality seasonal  ingredients are exalted.

A unique cuisine in perfect harmony with nature is offered. A place in the world where the modern knowledge and the respect for tradition are combined.

All what earth offers us daily is enhanced. 

The wide  Wij Al-Amar restaurant terrace offers a panoramic view of the old town, a unique scenery of history mixed with faith and culture.

It is ideal to have dinner at an openspace  enjoying the long sunny days of Palestine, so as the landscape’s  tranquility  as far as the eye can see.

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