Hungarikum Hotel

Hungarikum Hotel

A brand-new structure opened in September 2022.

Placed in the deep green area and sorrounded by a wonderful  environment, this wide hotel provides its guests hospitality, friendliness and countless spa experiences, typical of this beautiful country, Hungary. 

Restaurant Istvan Czifray

The Hungarikum Hotel’s Superior restaurant takes its name by István Czifray, one of the greatest gastronomes of Hungarian history.

The restaurant reminds colorful flavors of the Carpathian Basin, as well as the traditional Hungarian national dishes. Using the technology of cooking and the high-level knowledge of the 21st century, the dishes become even more interesting.

OLIS has been chosen thanks to the cooperation and the professionalism of the Hungarian partner, Amecod, who has suggested the best equipments to meet the requests of this restaurant with a deep historical soul. 

Deep fryers, inductions and frytops of the Diamante90 series operate at full speed every day ensuring optimal and continuous performance.  

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