Galleria del Corso Restaurant

Restaurant Galleria del Corso

From good shopping place a food road of the city. 

This is the new vocation of  Trieste street, Caserta, where new activities dedicated to the catering continue to develop.

The last ones is the activity in the Gallery of the street, where three new inn are born.  

Corso Trieste Restaurant of Caserta represents the integrating part of the restoration project of the Galleria del Corso and it is faced to the heart of the pedestrian area of Caserta.

Architect Nardone explains: ” For the restaurant project we thought to a real flavour agora, with the open-view kitchen. We liked the oak planks for their textured and natural look, which complements the colour and brightness of the rooms  “

In the open-view kitchen excels an extraordinary  Surface by Olis, the unique customized worktop which follows the needs of every worldwide chef. 

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