Bislett Kebab House

A story of two ambitious brothers

It was two ambitious brothers who started Bislett Kebab House on a small street corner by Pilestredet in 1995, with only a few square meters to frolic around.

With the help of word of mouth and good, old-fashioned hard work, Bislett Kebab quickly made a name for itself in the industry, and after a few years we started winning awards for our food.

The choice of these two brother from the beginning has been oriented toward the DIAMANTE 700 serie for the complete kitchen area, giving a touch of design, innovation and technology.

Metos, which is the official supplier of Olis in Norway, has supplied also other items included in the kitchen so as warehouse products.

Bislett Kebab House has today, 28 years later, become a well-known brand name in fast food among all age groups in Oslo!

Today Bislett Kebab House has 10 shops.

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