Augusta Victoria Hospital

Augusta Vittoria Hospital

Augusta Victoria Compound is a community hospital and church complex on the north side of the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem and one of six hospitals in the East Jerusalem Hospital Network.

The complex was built in 1907-1914 by the Empress Augusta Victoria Foundation as a centre for German Protestants, in addition to the slightly older Palestine-Ottoman community.

Today, the complex includes, in addition to the hospital, the Church of the Ascension with a 50-metre high bell tower, a meeting centre for pilgrims and tourists, an interreligious kindergarten and a café, as well as the Jerusalem branch of the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology.

Today, the Augusta Victoria Hospital provides specialised care to Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip with services that include a cancer centre, a dialysis unit and a paediatric centre. It is the second largest hospital in East Jerusalem and the only remaining specialised care unit located in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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