Young people are our future

‘The youth are our future’, perhaps a cliché, but also the daily reality of every industry, as well as of society.

In the varied world of HORECA, handing down the values of the tradition of hospitality and culinary art and, at the same time, stimulating new ideas and new talents to improve and to build something new, are the fundamental principles for going forward, never neglecting the precious experience and knowledge acquired over time.

Training schools are a key point in this delicate process and Olis, thanks to the collaboration with its partner Allied Metals, supports the Bangkok Food School project, which started about a year and a half ago in Bangkok.

The Food School Bangkok

The Food School is a cooking school with the ambitious project of bringing together three world culinary schools in a single training place: Italian cuisine with international school ALMA, Japanese cuisine with TSUJI Culinary Institure and Thai cuisine with DUSIT Thani College.

The goal is offering aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts a unique culinary educational experience. This initiative aims to allow students to learn and/or perfect themselves through the guidance of highly experienced chef professors from cutting-edge facilities around the world.

Some of the international school’s chefs

The 200-hour intensive courses will lead students to the progressive achievement of three levels (basic – intermediate – advanced) and encourage them to apply the acquired knowledge in real life and to cultivate professional entrepreneurship worldwide.

Chef Francesco De Rosa of Alma while is teaching handmade fettuccine to the students

Olis  is honoured to have been one of the main companies in the project development of this ambitious school, which has structured its ‘classrooms’ in three floors near the university area of central Bangkok.

Each floor measures 1,000 square meters and has its own culinary identity.

One of Olis’s kitchens placed at the “incubator” floor

On the ground floor there is ‘the incubator’, with eight kitchens and an area dedicated purely to the world of bakery; space dedicated to the development of new food concepts which are then offered to the judgment of the public through the specifically set up dining room.

The second floor is reserved for Asian cuisines, the Thai school and the Japanese school, while the third floor is exclusively dedicated to the world of Italian cuisine, with an area reserved for pastry and ice-cream.

An articulated and comprehensive facility and training, which therefore allows the future chefs to learn and train in the kitchens made available to them to then propose their concepts on the ground floor.

Worthy of note, the availability of single worktables that allow students to collaborate and form a team instead of working only individually. A new concept of school that obviously follows modern times and that therefore also features advanced multimedia tools for the students.

Intermediate course of the Thai Cusine

Last but not least, the particular attention paid by the school in the choice of high-end machinery, prioritizing energy saving.

Energy is the greatest cost in setting up a kitchen, and only by choosing the best equipment such as those that Olis can offer its partners, can significant energy savings be achieved in the long term.

Olis, we innovate cooking, , is all of this, a brand that embodies multiple concepts.

Innovation, in the continuous development of both its equipment and its technologies.

Innovation, in supporting the development of new minds and new professionals in the sector destined to innovate the world of catering in the future.

Innovation and research for environmental sustainability through machines equipped with multimedia and traceable intelligence.

Olis, we innovate cooking.