Sani Dunes resort

A pearl in the blue of the Mediteranean sea

At the Sani Dunes the key word is elegance: the modern architectonic is perfectly matched to this hotel atmosphere. 

White beaches are the perfect frame to this wonderful 5 stars Luxury Family Hotel.

Sani Dunes Fresco

Ettori Botrini is the starred chef who leads this receptive reality at the resort, offering daily an Italian kitchen of high quality.  

A perfect mix of traditional dishes and innovative creations prepared with the best meats, seafood and fresh products using the wonderful DIAMANTE kitchen by Olis, with a wide high performing equipments selection.  

Thanks to the partnership with  Xenex, historical partner of Olis in the Hellenic peninsula, a solid top, fryers, pasta cookers, chosen to reply to the needs of a starred kitchen and to a demanding public.  

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