Sabatini Restaurant

The Italian Restaurant which wins also in Hong Kong

The location which includes the restaurant in the Asiatic continent is already something special: an elegant dining room in one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the town, the Royal Garden, which is the perfect frame to the gourmet  masterpieces plates which define the Italian and Roman culinary tradition.  

The cared furnitures of the Hong Kong location give elegance with style and irony to the rural side of a particulary aspect of Italy which makes the difference on the table, giving honour to the good food and to the wellbeing together around a table even overseas, all surrounded with live folkloric performances.   

An Italian awarded menù which combines luxury, creativity and the rural side of Italy.

In 2018, the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended Award declared the Sabatini Restaurant at the Royal Garden of Hong Kong as one of the best worldwide restaurants in the world.

An authentic creative menù, planned and cared in each single detail by the team  of the Kitchen Sabatini  of Hong Kong, respecting the seasonality of the raw materials so as the transmitted art of the tradition. 

Ingredients of great quality as the wagyu beef, the lobster from Boston Maine and the caviar Oscietra.

Olis is here with a modular block equipped with two wide gas ranges, an unmissable pasta cooker, a solid top and a salamander.   

OLIS, as testimonial of the Italian professionalism, has been chosen by Sabatini's Family, representing a reliable and efficient to support the needs of a demanding overseas service.

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