Rocca di Arignano

The inn of the Rock

La Locanda della Rocca’s aim is to make the gastronomic local excellences at the disposal of everybody and to defend the concept of the Km0, supporting the territory ingredients and the protection of the local producers.

The main actor in designing a taste path in the Locanda della Rocca, is the Executive Chef Lorenzo Careggio who works every day with passion and creativity. 

The proposal is that of a cuisine that is the result of studies going back as far as the Middle Ages – the historical research carried out ad hoc by the two chefs is clearly visible in the dishes – and made with raw materials mostly gathered from the garden, self-produced or locally sourced.

Lorenzo Careggio

Chef Lorenzo Careggio, born in 1983 in Casablanca, with Piedmontese origins, during last years has worked in Turin and in its province and he has decided to start a new growing path, developing a kitchen which wants to become aware.      

“I have been particularly struck by the project of the Rocca di Arignano and I think that it can be a majestic project even more than what it already represents. I am wondering to start my adventure in this so particular and exclusive structure in the gastronomic panorama of Turin”.

The choice of Lorenzo Careggio by Luca Veronelli and  Elsa Panini, owners of  Rocca di Arignano, has been natural. “With Lorenzo there has been an immediate complicity. We have been struck by the dynamic capacity of thinking.   We have immediately thought we would have been the right successor of Fabio Sgrò, whom we thank a lot for his long work”.

The culinary philosophy he will bring to the kitchen of La Locanda della Rocca and to the events where he will be present, will have a defined style. The old recipes’ and ancient traditions research will be the basis of the study of his courses. 

Olis has been chosen in this Medieval location to reply at best to all proposed events.

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