Rest home

Semplicity, efficiency, elegance

Simplicity, efficiency and elegance are the distinctive features that characterize this kitchen of last realization in a nursing home located in Catalonia, Spain.

The choice of operators has been focused on the simplicity of use of the equipment that must necessarily ensure constant performance and high-quality, such as the traditional Olis gas range. 

The upper burners have the stabilized flame and offer maximum power thanks to the flame divider with double crown. The grids, in acid-resistant enamelled cast iron, have long spokes that allow the support of pots in various sizes.

Easy cleaning and guarantee of hygiene is given by removable basins that can be placed comfortably in the dishwasher. As well as the knobs, IPX5 certified easily removable for cleaning.

In addition, for immediate contact cooking, a small Frytop of the latest generation, with perimeter channel and not welded plate.

An excellent ensemble that is certainly emphasized by the accurate, clean and elegant aesthetics of the entire DIAMANTE line, which is suitable for any type of environment.  


The operators of this rest home have found replies to their needs in the professional Grupo Intecno, the reliable partner of Olis, who has been able to select the right equipment for this type of structure.

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