Redoro Frantoi Veneti

History of an Italian EVO Oil

From the farmers traditions of the ancestors and of their grandparents and fron their names RE_GINA and ISI_DORO originate the name REDORO.

Since 1895 their artisan tradition has produced oil  Extra Vergine di Oliva and it lives transmitted from father to son for more than a century.   

Mid of 90′ from local production it becomes a national and international company in order to let taste the Oil quality ’Olio Extra Vergine Redoro  in every cuisine and on every worldwide table. 

Loyalty, Consistency, Constancy.

Despite the great success of Redoro’s extra virgin oil, which is always growing and appreciated all over the world, the values that guide the company continue to be the same as they were at the beginning: quality, genuineness, and love in every small gesture, from growing the olives, to hand-picking, to processing them into extra virgin oil or into delicious products such as pate or specialties in oil.

Loyalty, Consistency, Constancy. These are the 3 Laws handed down by the Ancestors, who always worked enjoying the trust of the people of the time and which, even today, are maintained and respected as words carved in stone.
This respect for values has allowed Redoro to grow.

The inn has a inside a cusomized kitchen at open-view, the wonderful Diamond 90 Touch by Olis, we innovate cooking shines.

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