Private Villa

Professional kitchens in private villas

Olis is even this: to reply in a professional and technical way to the dream of realizing a professional kitchen in its own home, with personalized and customized projects.  

Thanks to the long-time partnership with the company  Tecnogroup, located in Vicenza area, a Family has chosen, during an historical villa’s refreshing work, to install a professional kitchen. 

In detail, they have selected a marvellous onepiece worktop by Olis, SURFACE, to optimize at best the spaces so as to personalize at maximum their needs and willings. 


More order and more space; everything under control in the kitchen thanks to the concepts developed by Olis design, where the space dedicated to the kitchen must be exploited with functionality, practicality, efficiency and, last but not least, the attractive design of the Diamante line that enhances its aesthetics and beauty.

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