Bread, Love & More

A young and dynamic reality, perfectly combined with the modern life style of being well together. 

The parfume of bread, the love for people and the Milan which is loved. All this is Pandenus. And not only.

The joy of meeting is definitively celebrated in this location, here new cooperation grow and it is possible to live the real Italian  conviviality. 

A quality break in one of the 5 stores makes the difference. They are located  in the heart of the worldwide capital of fashion and design. 

Trusted collaboration

In this precious reality, full of  style, modern and aimed at contemporary lifestyle, luxury scenarios and arthouse habits are mixed. Here could not miss OLIS we innovate cooking, that thanks to the historical collaboration with the company Augusto Galli of Milan, was installed in the iconic location in Via Mercato, a few steps from Brera. 

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