Nimo’s Restaurant

Arroseria Nimo's

Arrosseria Nimo is located in Palma, in front of the Ocimax Center.

The menù offers a wide choice of courses which are based on rice and dinners with combinations of an avant-guard style combined with traditional approaches, applying the most evolved techniques to the local products of the island.   

Specialists in rice courses,   Nimo’s is commited in mantaining the highest quality in its dishes, playing with seasonal local products so as the normal ones on the market, keeping at best the service always taking care of its customer care service, which is always friendly, nice and professional.  

Surface by Olis, even this time shines in the wonderful open-air kitchen to reply to the daily needs of its demanding guests.   

The unique one worktop makes the difference in the performances in a kitchen used every day and the imagine of a restaurant.  

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