Kitchen sync

When the team at Hotel Ludwigshof went in search of a talented supplier to take on a high-tech kitchen renovation, Olis came up with an unbeatable combination of practical know-how, topped off with a significant dusting of finesse, the hotel’s owner Christian Ludwig tells Isobel Clark

Nestled in the South Tyrolean lowlands of northern Italy, under the majestic gaze of the Dolomites, Hotel Ludwigshof occupies a prime spot in the Trudner Horn Nature Reserve. From its lofty perch of 1,100
meters, it has long attracted hikers, climbers, mountain bikers and even motorbikers – such is the allure of the mountainous embrace of the area.

Since 1979, a steady flow of guests has passed through the hotel’s doors, prompting the extensive renovation carried out in recent years. The 60 bright, well-equipped bedrooms are
available for 10 months out of 12.The hotel also serves fresh, contemporary dishes of Italian and South Tyrolean cuisine. So, naturally, its catering facilities – and how best to do justice to the kitchen – needed careful consideration. The owner of Hotel Ludwigshof, Christian Ludwig, was extremely thorough in his quest to secure the right partner. It was not until Ludwig was introduced to catering manufacturer Olis, through supplier company Novacold, that he felt a connection.

“We began to discuss and refine the project, in a constructive way, solving issues as they arose,” says Ludwig.

A meeting of minds

A starting point of tentative negotiation ensued between the two parties, with Olis doing its utmost to meet the criteria. According to area sales manager Igor De Martin, this resulted in “the moment of greatest professional growth because it allows us to collect the real needs of the market.”

“Specifically, the availability of equipment that can be connected, monitored and controlled remotely was from the first moment the center of the whole project,” he adds. But it was several months of honing the finer details before the renovation actually began.
Components and sensors were used to connect the company’s 4.0 Ready series of cooking
equipment. Primed for accessvia the Olis Cloud, it focuses on customer safety, low energy consumption and improved working conditions.

High levels of tech and quality control ensure temperature and other parameters can be programmed and monitored securely, both remotely and on the machine itself. The range also conforms to the Industry 4.0 technology transfer center certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

Marco D’Ambrogio, general manager of Olis, explains why this compliance is future-proof.

“The possibilities offered by data management are many; the advantages go beyond the performance and reliability of the equipment.”

The cloud not only helps with routine maintenance and software updates but also “the monitoring of energy consumption and resource optimization in the kitchen,” while portal access is userfriendly, allowing for varying levels of ability.

A dream for the team

For the food and beverage team, ease of cleaning and the overarching control panel conserve both time and energy.
Data previously hidden is visible.

“Our team has a high-quality kitchen, easy to use and very responsive,” says Ludwig. “It was a wonderful discovery and allows us to work in a different way.”

An unexpected powerhouse turned out to be an intuitive piece of hardware called the Fit Pan Multifunction, which covers everything from frying and braising to slow cooking.

“We can do excellent sous-vide cooking at low temperatures at night or during the dead times
of the day,”
says Ludwig, who considers it to be awild card that supports us if there is a need
for small and quick preparations: a real discovery.”

With such a positive outcome, Olis can be confident in its scope to meet the ever-changing face of market demand.

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