A dream, a desire, a project….and the dream becomes reality.

Olis is also this. To reply in a professional and technical way to the dream of realizing a professional kitchen in its own house, with bespoke and customized projects.

A young, engaged couple falls in love with an early 900 Villa in Liberty style, completely decadent and abandoned to itself.

Since the beginning the project has been clear and pure in their minds; to renew the Villa maintaining its style, connecting the latest technologies aimed at the functionality and the use of the home.

Technology flows through their veins, thanks to a family life spent among the product innovative concepts of development.

The result is wonderful…. a renewed and shining Villa which keeps its traditional lines with a completely modern and avant-garde breath.

The feeling with Olis can be touched since the first moment, when, thanks to our area Partner Tecnogroup, the young couple has the opportunity to discover the single tops OLIS SURFACE…a way that has brought them to know the features and the potentiality of a bespoke project, starting from the product profile booklet till the detailed study at Olis headquarter.

The collaboration side by side with our Partner, the design office in Olis and the expert contact person at their disposal, have ensured that a beautiful, captivating, customized Surface by Olis has been realized.

More organisation and more space; all under control in the kitchen thanks to the concepts developed by the Olis design office, where the space reserved to the kitchen has to be  exploited with functionality, practicality, efficiency without forgetting the charming design of Diamante, which exalts the aesthetic and the beauty.

The result is unique.