A Diamante next to the lake

Placed in a central position in Levico Terme valley. Convenient in reaching the nearvy city and optimal starting point for hiking and trekking in the woods of the surrounding mountains. This is the shining Parc Hotel du Lac.

A proud structure of an ancient tradition. In fact, since the end of the XIX century, “La Taverna”, the only inn in the village, was a very popular meeting place for fishermen and tourists, attracted by the extraordinary location of this place, right on the shores of Levico Lake and carring an extravagant fame.

In 1936, grandfather Arturo, with his wife Albina, bought the inn for 9,000 Lire. This was the first chapter of the long experience of the Pedrotti family in the hotel and catering field.

At the beginning of the 70s, Roberto, son of the couple, built the Parc Hotel Du Lac on the ground next to the inn “La Taverna” which in the meantime had been transformed into the Hotel “Al Lago” with close bathing establishment, and started running it with his wife Emma. In the 80s, Roberto also bought the part of his brothers and unified all the family business that was consisting on the hotel, the restaurant on the lake and the bathing establishment of the Lake Levico.

In 1976, Franco was born, who inherited not only the passion for the hotel business of his parents, but also all the activity, namely, the Parc Hotel Du Lac in Levico Terme with amazing views of the lake, the Restaurant “La Taverna” and the Bathing Establishment on Lake Levico. Today he runs the business with his wife Martha. Their children, Lorenzo and Marianna, already announce the next generation.

A multi-year management of Pedrotti Family. A family that fully represents the soul of the Parc Hotel Du Lac and that make breathing its personality and passion for hospitality in every corner of the hotel.

With a seasonal menus that look for seasonal km0 products from Trentino, guests and diners of the Parc Hotel Du Lac can delight themselves with natural and high quality dishes.

Here, where nature and tradition come together, offering each visitor a unique experience of well-being, good food and relaxation, Franco and Martha surrounded by a qualified staff, have chosen for their kitchen the latest products in technological innovation, installing the kitchen spaces the equipments of the latest generation of the Diamond 90 Touch.

A practical, equipped and technological solution that speeds up and simplifies the time for each phase of work in the kitchen. Moreover, thanks to the Olis Cloud, an integrated connection system that allows to check the operation of the equipment at any moment of the day, the kitchen can be perfectly organized to offer a constant performance to the great variety of requests of the guests.

With the exclusive knob, which has a new squared and rounded non-slip design, to get more ergonomic grip, and thanks to the raised indicator, that makes easy the selection of the setting data, added to the exclusive Encoder Functionality, just tapping on the desired parameter, turning the knob to adjust the level and pressing it to give the start of the set data, the equipment is set.

A concentrate of innovation that reflects the inclination of Mr Franco to the continuous evolution of its offer; Olis, we innovate cooking.